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Overall I'd say this is a very good job. I can only give so much in terms of originality, as this is a piece of clear fanart, but the w...

Having read up through the thirtieth part, this seems a fair enough place to critique. Up to this point, the story had been quite intri...

Lymayesi Kanadorey by Blazbaros

Another great piece. The best part about this piece is the use of simple designs to create a rather rich setting. The main character Ly...

This is something that I've been hesitant to discuss with other folks as I haven't known exactly how to discuss my reasons and haven't felt in the mood to, and I'm not going to here either as in my experience trying to go over really academic principled things on dA comments is next to pointless, at least very often. So I'll just keep it short here.

Insofar as being a story contributor, specie contributor, location contributor, and things like that for the Legacy setting, I have decided to step down. The very short reasoning for this is that, one, while there are facets of the setting I enjoy, the simple reality is that I cannot contribute something canon to the setting anymore without breaching my own principles, and as such I cannot contribute anything that brings me real enjoyment. The second reason being that I find people who work on the setting are not able to effectively take things I contribute (like species) and use them in ways they are intended, but this second one is very subjective and not as fundamental as the first.

This doesn't mean I've lost all interest in the setting, nor does it mean I'm opposed to discussing ideas, helping people refine their own ideas with regard to it, helping do editing and such related to it. There are things I enjoy about it after all. However, as far as seeing any additional stories, species, or such from me, that time has passed.

Instead I feel like story ideas and themes that I have might be best directed toward settings that are more my own, or ones where they would be better suited. This I hope will help inspire me further to start up with more DeviantArt worthy writing pieces and maybe be more active here. Hard to say at the moment.

This is more of an announcement and weight off my chest than a place for any elaboration on things here. As such, I'm not going to get into details in comments here. That's all for now, and have a nice day.


United States
Presently, writing is my preferred medium for artistry, at least as far as deviantART goes. I'm also a fairly good musician.

My writings, for now, are oriented more toward what is generally termed Giant/Tiny, or GT, but I view that more as a story element, rather than a genre itself. Most of my writings use aspects of people of differing sizes as important parts of the story. As far as genres go, I consider myself more of a fantasy and sci-fi writer than anything else.

I am a contributor to the :iconlegacyverse: setting created by :icondurendal5150:, and odds are that most, or at least many, of my posted pieces will be based in that universe. For more information on it, you can view the Legacy group page. In general though, it is a science-fiction/fantasy world with a lot of elements of differently sized people, but that's just for starters.

As I progress more in my writing, I'd like to expand my range of work to include my own original settings. I have several concepts in the works, but nothing complete enough to put into story format, yet.

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Practically anything, but especially Jazz
Favourite style of art: Inter- and Intrapersonal - hope that makes sense to someone, Surreal
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Rio - one I've had for years
Shell of choice: A house is nice, maybe a car for long trips
Skin of choice: The one I'm in now will do, besides, I'm used to it
Favourite cartoon character: Klan Klang (Macross Frontier), Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

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Been doing alright, just been, well, busy with my own things and issues.  I'll be back on Skype again soon enough.
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So... I'm sory for bothering and in a certain sense spamming inboxes but, as I don't know whether many of my watchers actually see my journals or not, I'm dropping by to tell that I've got my first book published on Amazon, and I thought that someone that is into my writing could be interested in knowing that...
More info about that here. [link]
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Good for you for getting published. I'll have to get and check this out soon then when I'm able to.
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Figured I'd come over here to see how things are going and continue the discussion. Any interest? I know we had a long running one in the old forums (which unfortunately died).
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